Add Your Listing

If you are a professional or lifestyle dominatrix then we would like to feature you on Mistress Tours!

We add your Listing on our Home page with information on who you are, links to your social media and websites, your upcoming tours / Real, virtual sessions and more. This is a great way to get the attention of a wider audience and get some SEO help for your sites!

Extra : Daily Promotions On Twitter / Instagram Promotions

We would like to give you an extra promotions on Twitter daily. Across the three accounts [ @mistress_tours , @_mistresstours_ , @_mistresstours ]

We make you a post daily or send one of your tweets to our huge Retweet groups (Real users, not bots) plus Retweet all of your tweets daily. That would help you to reach more audience and gain some new followers.

We give you some Instagram promotions during the period through IG: @dommestour account.


£40 for 3 months

£70 for 6 months

£120 for 12 months

Payments via PayPal or Bitcoins.

Contact us at: dommestour@protonmail.com